Spring and Summer Plumbing Tips

  • It has been a long hard winter and people are getting out and doing things in the yard and cleaning the house. Bring your plumbing up to date or you may be cleaning up a flood!
  • Turn on your hose faucets and check for leaks on the valves and spigots that could waste water and damage your home.
  • Check the water heater for signs of rust or damage; it worked hard all winter heating that extra cold water that we had. Don't let it fail and catch you unprepared.
  • Get a plumber to check that sump pump out, make sure it works well; a hard spring rain is right around the corner.
  • Winter is hard on thermal expansion tanks and valves around the home. Have a plumber check the pressure to your home and adjust or replace the pressure regulator if necessary, it may head off having toilets or faucets damaged due to high pressure.
  • Having a natural gas line run to your grilling area will keep you from running out of gas during that cookout with friends.
  • With the trees getting green, get green in your home! Let us investigate if a circulating pump can be installed in your home. A circulating system will save water and reduce your water and sewer bill by reducing the wait for hot water; systems are even now available for tankless water heating systems.
  • Energy efficient water heaters are going to save money on heating costs and you might be eligible for rebates. Now is a good time to save!