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Residential & Commercial Services

The comfort and enjoyment of your home depends on the proper functioning of all your plumbing systems. Problems with your plumbing system are intrusions that need to be resolved quickly and professionally.

It is our job to make those problems disappear when you call. We'll do our part to restore your home to the comfortable and safe place you deserve. We are in business to make problems disappear. We respond quickly and professionally to remedy plumbing problems at your home, business, or commercial properties within the Greater Atlanta Metro area. As business professionals we understand how important it is to immediately resolve problems that interfere with your everyday home life or your ability to conduct business. We have state of the art training, plumbers, equipment, and materials to resolve your plumbing problems. CALL US, then RELAX!

Contact the Honest Plumber


The professionals at Superior Plumbing will get you out of hot water by getting you into hot water. If your residential or commercial hot water system is broken or not operating at peak efficiency, please call us at 770-422-PLUM (7586), in the Greater Atlanta area in Georgia. We will schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers who will give you expert, honest and courteous plumbing advice.